Protect Your Rights: What to Do If a Dog Bites You  

The United States of America is the only nation that causes millions of cases of dog bites annually. According to estimates, a significant number of people who are bitten by dogs end up in hospitals, and a small number even end up in mortuaries.  

In this article, we will detail the major steps to ensure your legal rights after a dog bite.  

Seek Medical Attention  

You must get medical attention quickly after the dog bite. Medical staff will not only examine the seriousness of the wound, but they will also assess its severity, which might be used as evidence in a legal dispute. If you are brought to court, the papers provided by your physician regarding the extent and severity of the wound may be very useful.  

Identify the Dog and Its Owner  

Immediately identify the person in control of the dog at the time of the attack, whether it was the owner or someone else. Request proof proving they have been vaccinated against rabies and get their names and addresses. If you cannot get this information, you may be obliged to undergo a series of rabies injections, which is a costly treatment.   

Contact an Attorney  

You must get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in cases involving dog attacks as soon as possible. Due to the famously complicated nature of the legal issues that arise from dog attacks, it may be difficult to deal with in some situations. Aside from the physician who treats your injuries, your dog bite attorney, who is also known as a personal injury lawyer, will be the one to defend your best interests moving forward.   

Gather Information  

Along with the dog, be sure you collect the owner’s contact details, which should include their name, address, and phone number. One last thing you should do is get the dog’s details, such as its breed, age, and name. If you sustain injuries, photographing them might serve as evidence of their severity. You must ensure that all of this information is true and comprehensive before submitting any insurance claim.   

Report the Incident  

To report a dog bite, contact your local animal control or health agency. Providing a full report will assist in ensuring that the dog is adequately examined and monitored for any future events. Reporting the incident also results in an official record, which might be useful in your case.   

Be Mindful of Social Media  

You must avoid discussing the incident or disclosing any information about your case on social media. You face the danger of having your posts used against you by defense counsel and insurance companies, thereby affecting your claim. Your case should not be jeopardized by sharing vital information online; instead, you should protect your privacy.   

Document the Incident 

To support your potential legal claim, take clear, well-lit pictures of your injuries. These images should indicate the extent of any wounds as well as how they developed throughout the injury. The medical procedures you had, the money you spent, and any emotional pain you experienced because of the incident should all be recorded in a record that you maintain.   

You should also maintain any damaged property. This implies that if your personal belongings were damaged as a consequence of the dog attack, such as torn accessories or clothing, you should maintain a record of the incident.   

File an Insurance Claim 

If they are available, get in touch with the dog owner’s insurance provider so you can submit a claim. While you should explain what occurred, you should not take responsibility for it. If the business believes you mocked or provoked the dog, or if you were on private property when it happened, they may deny your insurance claim. Even if you receive a settlement offer, it may not cover your losses or the severity of your dog bite injuries.    


A dog bite is something that most people do not contemplate until it happens. Nobody should take a dog’s bite lightly. Rabies shots, medications, and sutures are all quite costly. Many health insurance plans do not cover the cost of reconstructive surgery for people in need. Scars, both physical and psychological, may last the remainder of a person’s life.   

We strongly recommend following the steps mentioned above if a dog has bitten you. For the time being and, in the future, it will be beneficial to you if you must take action and seek compensation for the injuries and losses that you have suffered with the assistance of a personal injury attorney